#2398 – nothing special

nothing special happened today. the president of the washington / baltimore / virginia region came in the store today and started asking me questions. XD; that was about the neatest thing to happen all day. other than that it was work or homework or seeing the orioles whup tampa bay on the tv while doing work. oh, and some girl came in the store and was talking to our technicians, and after she left they told me something about her…

techs: “yeah, so that girl said she went to umbc and thought she recognized you”

me: “oh yeah?”

techs: “yeah, we asked her if she’s ever seen you on a scooter on campus before”

me: “i hate you guys!” >.>

techs: “she said she didn’t think so, but next time she sees you she might go up to you and ask where your scooter is”

me: “…”

also speaking of conversations, one of my managers (who is a big yankees fan) sent out an email to about a dozen or so employees with the company who are all red sox fans saying “I HATE RED SOX FANS” and had 2 or so paragraphs why they were so jealous etc etc etc. so one of my coworkers forwarded it to me, and i replied back to my coworker and the manager who originally sent it out saying:

“the standings and i have only one thing to say:

1st place: orioles

2nd place: red sox

3rd place: yankees

there’s no denying the truth.”

X333 i’m so devious at stirring up trouble. hee hee hee. he didn’t reply back though. phooey.

i keep forgetting to drop shoujonomori‘s money in the mail ;_; *will try to remember to send it tomorrow* hmm… i might as well make a list to help me remember…

things to do in the near future in no particular order (will i really get all this done? no.):

– send tina’s money

– sign up for an appointment to plan my schedule for the fall

– see whammywah play in a band in the center of campus

– math homework

– work on comp sci project

– help derrick pick out an ipod

– go to the international media center and look at japanese stuff there

– write an email about travelling to japan for this guy who is the son of some lady mom talks to on a message board online

– try to make it to mock ritual if possible

– rob a bank

– get away with it

i want to go to an orioles game too… won’t have time though until school is out (unless i open the store and go to a night game, hm). and if i didn’t have to work and if we weren’t having our initiation this weekend (need to try to switch shifts at work so i can go… dunno if i’ll be able to ^^;;) i’d be down in florida to see the old dematha bands on their band trip, and do fun things like go to the beach or go visit festive while i’d be down there. but alas, no floridaing it up for me. *sniff*

“bring the noise”, public enemy & anthrax (3.4 MB)

and the most hardcore you’ll ever hear a herb alpert & the tijuana brass song:

“by the time i get to arizona”, public enemy / herb alpert & the tijuana brass (1.7 MB)

i might as well make a flava flav icon sometime, haha… yeahhh boyeeee