#2397 – it's hot

is it hot in here or is it just me? … nope, not just me, it really is hot in here. then again, i probably shouldn’t be complaining about the heat when i have a 130°F laptop on my lap…

i forgot to mention about my coworker john that didn’t show up the other day, even though he was already on the rocks about being late too many times. turned out he got in a car accident, totaled his car and tore up his knee (something like he busted up the meniscus in his knee or something like that?)… in any case, he has to wear a knee brace.

stueypark and i watched some of “airline” on a&e… after watching that i’m kind of glad i didn’t get the job with southwest airlines like i applied for a few years back. at least in my job it’s mostly just telling people they went over their minutes and i don’t need to track down drunken passengers or clean up passengers who took a crap on themselves. 😛 they’re supposed to be filming some of the new season at bwi… wonder when that’ll be on?

i was going to say more stuff in here, but i forgot what. oh well…

man, it’s really hot in here. guess i’ll try to get some sleep. when i get a chance i should clear the stuff off my bed so i can sleep in the cool basement – it’s what all the cool kids (like me) are doing.