#2396 – luck

well, i studied all night for my japanese exam, but went to bed around 2 intending to wake up around 5 or 6 and study some more, but i ended up hitting my snooze button and finally woke up at 8:10, 5 minutes before i was supposed to leave. so i ran downstairs, tossed a t-shirt on, and ran out to the car. when i got in the car i saw i was low on gas so i had to get gas in the car before leaving annapolis.

usually when i leave the house at 8:15 i end up being 10 minutes late to class. today, however, i left at 8:15, got gas, and got to campus at 9:00 and to the classroom by 9:05… and sensei wasn’t even there yet! XD

so she comes in the classroom around 9:10, and i was waiting for us to start taking the exam, but she ended up pushing it back until wednesday. great! two more days to study!! 😀 😀 what’s this? she already reserved the projector for someone’s presentation for that day and we’ll need extra time to work on the exam? well, i guess we’ll have the exam on NEXT monday then! even better!! 😀 😀 😀

so we finish class, and i go hang out in the commons and whammywah brings me cookies that skylardragon made which are very tasty 😀 😀 so i get delicious home-made cookies today thanks to her 😀

i checked my order with to see when it’s shipping and was told “it’s being put together, can’t make any changes now”. 20 minutes later i get an email that it’s shipped. 😀

and then i check on myumbc to see if my account at collections was paid off, and guess what? IT FINALLY HAS!! 😀 😀 😀

now i just need to play ninja today and sneak around campus since i forgot to wear a shirt and tie since it’s pre-initiation week for us lambda chis at umbc, and since i was in a rush this morning i didn’t remember until i was already on my way to school. oops. ^^;

“rolling in the 510”, size 14 (2.9 MB)