#2394 – sh'aft


doesn’t it look like he’s got an afro? haha

i finally went through and recorded all of the songs by my high school‘s wind ensemble from 1997-1998 from tape to my computer. why? because we rawked out. just ask producer_chris or johnnyrockstar since we were in the band together, or ask whammywah ‘cos our band would totally own his school’s band at every single event we competed against each other at. so tonight i did my own crappy media shifting so i could listen on my ipod and burn an actual cd of the songs, but chris or john could do a much better job than i. oh well. speaking of band stuff, i just found out that there’s email lists for people associated with the band programs at different levels (for example one list if you’re a student in the band, one if you’re in the chorus, one for general info, one if you’re a band booster). i joined the two non-student ones just now. i should also probably see about heading out to the ‘ol alma mater to pick up my plaque of when i was in the wind ensemble (but not in the picture due to a mix-up and arriving late – long story :P). it’s been 4 years since i was supposed to pick it up, wonder if it’s still around there anywhere? XD;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

hm… i feel like going to a party. who wants to throw a party and invite me so i can booze it up and meet girls and have a fun ‘ol time? note: emphasis on meeting girls and boozing it up. 😀

oh! yes, before i forget – best wishes to geminid and jschlackman today! they’re getting married in jolly ‘ol england! congrats you two! 😀

work tomorrow early in the morning. i’m going to see if i can bring my laptop with me to work so i can rock out with my tunes on the job. hee hee.

“overture to ‘candide'”, dematha wind ensemble (1997-1998) (5.6 MB)