# 2388 – Glenn's Alter Ego

Finally, a chance for me to be free! Free I tells you! I am Glenn’s alter ego. From the depths of his mind I have come out to wreak havoc on his Live Journal account. He may like to be a conoisseur of women from afar, but I prefer the up front approach. And our tastes are much much different. Whereas he’s always looking at Sailor Moon and that one girl from Speed Racer, I’m a much bigger fan of that girl who just walked by. She was HOT with a capital HO.

Oh wow, that was wrong. I’m getting flamed for that one. I hope this doesn’t reflect badly on Glenn’s dominant personality. What am I saying? Of course I do! He deserves it for keeping me cooped up for so long.

I’ll say another thing. Whereas Glenn’s tastes in music and movies are pure crap, mine are bordeline genius. Everyone loves my music and movie choices! But Glenn’s name has come to define a genre of suckiness (i.e. a “Glenn song” or a “Glenn movie”).

I will say that he a master of puns. Whenever he puns it up, I want to say, “Get thee to a punnery!”

Well, looks like the dominant personality wants control of the body back. Tim for me to go.