#2386 – defective detective / let your fingers do the stalking

the subject was just going to be “detective” until i made a typo and liked that rhyme better. it makes me think of inspector gadget when he’s getting repaired or something.

stolen from shoujonomori: I would like everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want. Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

i’m feeling much better than i was earlier. i’ve felt like a detective today (hence the subject). see, i got home from work and someone with the screenname “xxxxxxxxxx” (it’s been redacted, fools!) sent me a message from a conversation with someone else saying don’t open up messages from so-and-so and so-and-so because they’re really viruses. since things like that don’t affect me as opposed to some other people (*cough*whammywah*cough*) i wasn’t as interested in the message as the messenger. see, i didn’t know who this person was, but i had some clues (or “clews” as sherlock holmes would say):

– messenger’s name was “xxxxxxxxxx”

– messenger had a link in their profile to their yahoo photoalbum

(at this point i ended up sending a message to this mysterious messenger saying i felt like a dork for asking (i had a suspicion i knew who it might be) but was wondering who it was and how they might know me if they weren’t who i thought.)

aha! now at least i had a lead or two! i searched for both the aim and yahoo usernames on lj, but no luck. i checked myspace and friendster too for the yahoo name as an email address and still no luck. i checked the yahoo photo album (the linked picture turned out to be a girl in a toga) with the album title “APO”. the only other information that i knew was that this girl went to towson, and had gone to scotland a month or two ago. (learned this from her photoalbum).

anyway, i told carn_carby about this investigation i was carrying out to see if i could get to the bottom of this and she managed to find the messenger’s yahoo profile for me. aha! more clews!

– messenger’s supposed real name

– picture of messenger

a quick google search on “APO” turned up more info:

– messenger is a member of alpha phi omega, a co-ed service fraternity

it all falls into place now. i can definitely say that this was not who i expected it to be (even though they both go to the same school, that’s why i was investigating to find out). now the million dollar question:

where does she know me from? if it was a virus that sent out the message in the first place, does it just pick out random names to send messages to (unlikely, i’d think) or does it use the victim’s buddy list (much more likely). so why does she have me listed on her buddy list? hmmmm…

in any case, i haven’t yet heard back from her to wrap this all up, so all this is guesswork. still, though, not bad for an amateur! haha

</stalk> 😛

“after all”, toshiyuki honda (soundtrack to “metropolis”) (4.2 MB)

“booty body ready for the plush funk”, george clinton (8 MB) – the girl’s username made me think of this song. i’d tell you why but i’d have to kill you! 😀