#2383 – lemmy is my copilot

so i was driving home from school and it was pouring rain down like crazy. REALLY hard. i was listening to my ipod, and “we are motorhead” (3.2 MB) came on, so i cranked it LOUD (so loud you couldn’t hear anything else. motorhead is supposed to be louder than everything else anyway) and risked life and limb zooming down route 50 in the pouring rain while rocking motorhead on the stereo. i used to be able to sing like lemmy from motorhead too, gravelly voice and all. my vocal cords can’t take it any more. i don’t know how he does it, unless he gargles with gravel each morning.

man was that cool.

what’s not cool is not getting my computer programming program finished by midnight. i tried to work on it when i got home but umbc’s cmsc webserver was down, and guess where the files i needed to see in order to work on the project were? -_-; it came up but it was too little too late. lame.

what’s going to make me me obsessive/compulsive for the next 8-9 weeks is the tracking number i got for my mini today 😀 it only says it’s “on order”, so basically they’ve recieved it at the factory and are waiting for a time that it’ll be scheduled for production. 😀 i’ve been able to look around the owners’ lounge online and already read through the owners’ manual, as well asl the unauthorized owners’ manual, hehehe. XD