#2382 – out on the town

well, easter wasn’t too bad. had the day off from work, went to church, watched some baseball and some mst3k, got some candy, and basically hung out around the place.

speaking of mst3k, i’ve made the best discovery ever. newsgroups! i tried to get into them ages ago but all the newsreading programs sucked deez nuts, but then i found unison and it rocks the proverbial socks. last night i downloaded “space mutiny” and we hooked my powerbook up to the tv today and watched it. i’d seen it before, but i had been wanting to see some mst3k lately so i take what i can get, haha. comcast has a newsgroup server i can access but it’s lame to the max – 1 gigabyte download limit each month. laaaame. i’m trying out the usenet server that panic software has and no complaints so far.

i was talking to shoujonomori about maybe getting a personalized license plate for my mini (speaking of which i need to call my motoring advisor later this week and see if we have a tracking number for it yet). i’ve got up to 7 letters or numbers to have on a plate. “miniglenn” is too long, so tina suggested “chibi g” ^_^

i feel like taking a girl out to the movies or out somewhere later this week, but i don’t know who or where or when we’d go. hmph. don’t everybody respond at once now if you’re interested, haha.

“still is the night”, sam & dave (2.4 MB)