#2381 – alarms

well, apparently my coworker john who has been late so many times and recieved so many warnings was late again today. as a last resort our manager of our department took him off of all the opening shifts and gave him all mid or closing shifts, and he and another manager authorized john to get his phone swapped out since the alarm doesn’t always work on it properly, and he and another one of the customer care reps pitched in together and got john an alarm clock from radio shack along with a half-dozen 9-volt batteries as backup, lol. i’d hate to see him have to go as he’s fun to work with and knows his stuff and really motivates us.

that’s about it for now… work was more of the same today, nothing special. there was a big accident on the way to work today – usually it takes me about 5 minutes to get to work, taking neighborhood roads and semi-busy 2-lane roads. today it took me 20 minutes – on west street there were cops and cones everywhere and sand all over one of the lanes. traffic had to be semi-detoured and it was all stop and creep. really lame.

i was fiddling earlier with setting up an internet radio station… i might do that with my old computer since it’s just acting as a server anyway. the big question is do i want to use the crappy solution that only plays mp3s (free), or the decent solution that plays EVERYTHING… i could stream the audio from a dvd or from a game if i wanted to ($40). the thing is i only have a few dozenish actual mp3s now – everything’s been convered to aac format. hm.

i wasn’t sleepy earlier but got tired just right now. this is good and bad since i need to go to bed right now, but i should have gone to bed earlier since i need to be at work at 8:30. oh well.

i should send lyn an email tomorrow… it’s been a few days since i’ve heard from her… hm…

“match game theme” (1.3 MB)