#2378 – "in what other organization can you show support by playing poker, smoking cigars, and drink

tonight my fraternity’s chapter had an active/alumni poker night at the grille in canton… it was lots of fun, really good turnout, involved gambling and booze, and the entire event was rounded out by a really hawt chix in tight, skimpy clothing dancing the salsa for half the night in front of us. (there were salsa lessons going on in the room we had our event in).

first off, work today was really busy, but more in a things-that-need-to-get-done sort of way rather than an oh-shit-here-come-the-customers way. i was really tired this morning too since i kept waking up in the middle of the night, and since i had to open the store i tried to get to bed early. well, i woke up at around 2:50-something in the morning, saw the clock and thought it said 7:50-something and jumped up and started to worry that i was going to be late for work and what would they do, but then i looked out the window and wondered why it was pitch black outside. anyway, after being busy at work i went home, hung out for a half hour, and then went up to umbc to carpool with the guys to the grille.

at the grille we hung out at the bar downstairs until more people arrived. we ordered and ate our food while we waited – i had my bayman’s breast (chicken & crab sandwich), and when we headed upstairs i decided to get a beer for myself as well. turned out they had yuengling (hooray!) so i asked for that, and the barkeep gave me two glasses of beer. i didn’t complain. XD

upstairs some guys had started their tournaments – we had three or so tables set up with about 6-8 people at each table. to play you paid $10 and recieved the same in dimes… this was what we used to bet with. i won one hand and won a nice chunk of change, but ended up losing most of those winnings when i tried to bluff when i had nothing. oh well.

i sat next to antonio, one of our alumni. i had only met him once previously when he came to our latest initiation, and after that he promised he’d try to come out to support us at more events. he’s old-school (ΦΔ 69, making him the 69th member of our chapter at umbc. for reference, i am ΦΔ 319 – initiated in fall of 2002 – and the chapter itself is up to ΦΔ 331), and he graduated from umbc sometime back in the early-to-mid ’80s. he and i talked some as we pokered it up, and we had a good view from our seats as this provocatively-dressed girl who was taking salsa lessons was across the room from us, so we were able to see her straight ahead from our seats with no problems, haha. XDD;

the winner of each table won a mug or a hat or a shirt or something like that, and once we had about 4 or 5 people left we consolidated them all into one table. the guy who won at my table had $70 in dimes… soon the people playing the high-stakes table were betting rolls of dimes against each other. we decided to change those rolls to poker chips so we could start rolling the dimes back up. the winner got $100 in cash (dimes, of course!) and a foot-long dildo and a porn video from this porn shop a few stores down as gag prizes, haha. 😛 don’t know who won since i left with my ride before the final two guys finished, but it was a lot of fun! i say that we should do this more often.

producer_chris was there too, and we got a picture of our family line (all but 1 guy) in attendance tonight.

some guys (including my little) wanted to go to one of the clubs in the area afterwards, and i would have been up for that but there were just two minor details – nobody to drive us to the clubs, and nobody to drive us home. oh well.

the orioles game tonight went into extra innings (13 in total) and the orioles ended up winning 3 to 2. the game just ended as i was leaving the grille.

pretty much the whole evening was summed up well in these two emails:

From the entire active chapter to all the alumni,

Thank you to those who came to our 1st annual poker tournament. It was great to see the new AMs mingle with the founders of this very chapter. We are definitely looking forward for another tournament next year and will hopefully see an even bigger one.

Also, A HUGE thank you to John Reusing who sweated his balls off to make this event a reality. Without him, this event wouldn’t have happened. Thanks man.


Matt Jarjoura


Here, here!

I had an awesome time tonight, and I doubt anyone can say otherwise. From watching the hot chick in tight jeans learning Salsa to paying my $4 tab for 4 beers to shootin’ the shit with guys that I haven’t seen in years, this is the stuff that we need to do more than just once a year.

I’ve been making an effort to get to any alumni-active events, and each time the turn-out gets better. I really think the chapter is on the right track, and I praise all who are making it so. To the actives: keep up the hard work, seek leadership roles (officer or not), and do what you can to stay in touch with the alumni. To the alumni: if you haven’t made an effort in making these events that the actives are planning, start now. Off the top of my head we had 12 alums there tonight, which is not bad at all for a Thursday night poker tourny, but there is definitely room for more. We owe to these guys to show our support, even if it means just being there for a few hours every couple of months. Besides, in what other organization can you show support by playing poker, smoking cigars, and drinking beer? Think long and hard on that one…



PD 285

anyway, so that was my night… boozing it up, playing poker, watching hawt chix… ahh, paradise. what a good night. XD our formal for the fraternity – “white rose” – is going to be at the same place, and the bartender will treat us good since we tipped him really REALLY well. not that it matters to me, being over 21 and all… heh. i just need to find me a date for formal since i paid for myself and a date (figuring i’ll find someone to take by then XD;;) and if not then i’m just getting refunded back. hehe… ^_^; actually, one or two of my friends are already searching for a date for me…

peter: “hey, i think i might know a date for you for formal…”

me: “oh yeah?”

peter: “yeah… she’s a hood girl”

me: “well, “homie don’t play that!” XD”

peter: “i meant hood college”

me: “hahahahaha”

i need to see tomorrow about getting off the day after white rose so i can recover XDD

hm… i’d have to say that these recommendations of artists / songs based on the songs i’ve rated and listened to most in my itunes playlist aren’t very good…

if you thought my music was bad now, just think what it’d be like if i actually listened to stuff like that. but i know that bruno_boy likes ace of base since he told me himself. X3