#2377 – contingencies

i was researching places to study abroad in japan earlier tonight (posted questions for feedback at japan and japanese) and found out about this place. there’s all sorts of troubles that pop up in trying to plan something as big as this.

do i want to try to get into the 2005-2006 program or the 2006-2007 program? do i really want to go for 2 semesters (i can say that this is a most definite yes – i’d want to experience a full or almost-full year there instead of just a few months)? going for the 2006-2007 will probably be the best – it’d give me time to save up money for it and i’d be able to have paid off a chunk (if not all) of my car loan by then. bad side is i don’t want to be studying abroad at the very end of my college career… but then again where i am now and the lambda chi track record at graduating almost guarantees i’d be in for a semester after that at least, haha. 😛 that’s the only reason why i’d want to go for 2005-2006. what’s the point of buying a new car if you’ll have it for a year and a half and then just have it sit there for 9 months?? i’d have to go home every 3 months to get my motoring fix, haha…

the good things about this kcp program is that it’s cheaper than some of the others i’ve seen and it’s got everything else i’m looking for in a study abroad program – cheap, in tokyo, can study for a year, and no rediculous requirements (the one offered through towson requires 3.0 gpa – which i don’t have – two semesters of japanese with a ‘b’ average – don’t have that either – and junior or senior status – *DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINNAH!*). this kcp program thing only needs you to have a 2.50 gpa and i’m oh-so-close (2.49 last i saw)… this’ll give me extra incentive to keep pushing these last few weeks of school.

so, i guess after that short discussion with myself i’m going to try to go for the 2006-2007 japanese school year (something like october through june). gives me more time to work on my schooling here, get my mini i ordered taken care of by then, and make more mad money at work. i’ll also do more investigating and see what other programs i might be able to find that might suit me.

speaking of work, i wonder how long the leave of absence you can take is? i know they wouldn’t pay for my tuition if i studied abroad since i’d have to be actively employed with them, but this way i can stock up on the cash ahead of time and still hopefully have some sort of job with them when i come back, hehe.

alright, bedtime. got to be at work at 8 am (lame), but that lets me go to the lambda chi active/alumni poker tournament at the grille in canton tomorrow night. i’ve got to get me a bayman’s breast! chicken and crab meat sandwich with melted cheese… mmm…

now i’m hungry, so it looks like food first then bed. 😛

“take me to the disco – malibu mix”, fantastic plastic machine (7.5 MB)