#2376 – miscommunication

monday i finally had my japanese exam. turned out that it wasn’t being forgotten about in class or being postponed or anything like that… basically i guess sensei told the class on one of the days that i was just a few minutes late that for the exam what we would have to do is go to the international media center on our own time and take it there. we were supposed to have taken it by monday morning at 9 am, but since a few other people hadn’t taken it yet (they thought it was just supposed to be taken by sometime on monday), sensei extended the time it was to be due by until 1 pm that day.

anyway, so i went to take my exam and that took me from 10:50 to 12:40… and since i had class starting from 9 am that was a little over 3 1/2 hours of straight japanese. we could take as long as we wanted in one sitting for it though, so that was nice and helped with the stress of it some. i think i did decently… decently, that is, if my grammar was correct. XD;; at least i knew what the questions were talking about! ^_^;; most of the questions dealt with a map that was given and would ask questions (in japanese, of course) like “what store is located between the post office and the restaurant?” or “where is shakey’s pizza at?”, haha.

yesterday at work went nice and smooth until this one lady decided to yell at us after we closed. she came in at like 8:50 with a problem with her phone and said it didn’t get as good recepetion as the one she had before it, so i looked up her account and saw that the last phone she purchased was within 15 days, so i told her that she could exchange it for a different model if she wanted. she took about 15 minutes trying to decide (so since it was after 9 we locked the doors so nobody else would come in). found the phone she wanted, and since she didn’t have her reciept we tried to pull it up in the system. turned out the last phone she bought was from a reseller, and since it was from a reseller if she wanted to exchange it she’d have to go through their return/exchange procedures. she started to yell at us about it and said that if we wouldn’t return that phone then she’d bring in one she did purchase from an actual corporate store (one that she bought from us over a year ago). we told her we couldn’t take that one in either. she kept yelling at us until the manager on duty talked sense into the lady and the lady realized exactly why we couldn’t do it and then she got all apologetic. we ended up selling her a phone at sale price (since she was eligible for that) and she got a bunch of accessories for it too (which were rung up under my user id… i don’t get comission, but i’m supposed to help try to sell accessories too – it’s not a matter of getting comission as it is a matter of getting yelled at the least XD;). we finally were able to leave around 9:45… if it wasn’t for this lady being a total fruitbat we’d have left the store around 9:15. 😛 and to think that we didn’t have any customer escalations at all that day until then. 😛 😛

i forgot to talk about the april fools’ joke some of my other customer care reps and i pulled on our manager… he has to hunt and peck when he types, so we rearranged some of his keys on his keyboard. not all of them, mind you, only a few of them… things like ‘m’ and ‘n’, ‘i’ and ‘o’, ‘a’ and ‘s’, and maybe one or two other pairs of letters. we did this on a day he was off, and he was supposed to come in on the next day at 1 pm.

well, before he came in the store, one of the bigwigs for the region came in to do an audit and he tried to log in at that computer… he tried typing his username in and was wondering why when he’d type things in it was coming up with all these other letters instead! he went to another one of our managers (who didn’t know about the joke) and asked if he knew what was going on. he looked at the keyboard and said to the bigwig “it looks right to me!”, but then they realized that we were trying to pull a prank on joe (my manager) so they realized what was going on since everybody’s always pulling jokes on joe, hehe. joe came in later and saw me and another coworker talking about it and when we saw him we just stood there with big grins on our faces and i bust out laughing after a few minutes. joe figured something was up then, hahaha… he noticed it first thing when he got to his desk.

i think the people at potbelly are on to me now… i think they’re on to the fact that i go there for more than the subs. >.> <.< XD;; see, yesterday i was talking with this girl that works there about the mini cooper i ordered and the weather and how it'd be neat to have a tie-dye tie to wear to work etc etc and this guy that feisty_fitz knows that works there kind of glanced at the two of us and made a shrug while pointing back and forth at both of us kind of knowingly. THE JIG IS UP!! @_@ i can’t help it, though… she’s too cute ;__;

today i’ve been at school, but i don’t want to be… it’s such a nice day outside… i just want to play hooky from my last class (but i already did that on monday) XD; guess i’ll go to class and hope the prof lets us out early.

today raptorhigh and whammywah and bruno_boy instituted a series of “strikes” on me – they say that each day i get an allotment of 3 strikes, and i get a strike each time i say something like a really bad joke or do anything glenn-ish. they haven’t figured out what to do when i reach 3 strikes yet – that’s good for me because i’m already something like 2 strikes into friday’s allotment, hahaha… ^_^;

oho! jschlackman added me as a friend! 😀 now we can compare drivers’ licenses over teh intarweb!11!1seven