#2364 – guitar greats

i really need to make up a playlist of guitar greats… frank zappa, carlos santana, eric clapton, jimi hendrix… oh man, that would rock. i’ve already got a playlist set up just of zappa instrumental songs and that’s barely able to contain all the rockingness by itself.

we didn’t have our japanese exam in class today either, so i’m guessing we’re going to have it on next monday. instead today we talked about different methods of transportation and how we might get to school. sensei wrote “bulldozer” (ブルドーザー) on the board, which prompted one guy to say “oh, yeah, i drive that to school every day. man, parking’s impossible to find for that thing!”

i think things started to get out of hand when one guy asked how to write “zamboni”, haha…

i need to get something to clean up my ipod. man that thing is scratched like crazy… sometime i’ll fix it up nice, find me a 40 gigger, and give this one to mom or something. hm. i also need to get a power adapter for my powerbook for the plane for when i go on my trip to san diego in july. if i didn’t have calculus class tonight i’d go up to the apple store in towson or something and do some investigating.

“WPLJ”, frank zappa (3.2 MB)

“you are what you is”, frank zappa (4 MB)

“sofa no. 1”, frank zappa (3.3 MB)