#2360 – i love it when a plane all comes together

everything worked out in the end. i got the cheapest flight i could get ($238.91 with taxes), i’m leaving on july 21st arriving in san diego at 10:19 pm, and returning on july 26th leaving san diego at 10:45 pm and arriving in baltimore at 8:35 am the next day. (i could have taken a flight out of san diego in the afternoon but it would have been on united… i figured at least this way i could just go to sleep and wake up in the morning here and help reduce jetlag).

i got good seats since i used seatguru to help me choose them (so i’ll have extra legroom in my seats for the long hauls). i’m even able to fly on a dash-8 on the way back 😀 😀

now i’ve got to get ready for work. lame.