#2359 – booking

man, buying airplane tickets is difficult! i’m trying to get my tickets for comic-con, but just when i think i’ve found the best fare i think of or find something else that complicates things!

i’m searching on us airways / united (since they have a codeshare), and american airlines – these are the two (well, three if you count the codeshare) domestic airlines i can get frequent flyer miles for. with us airways / united i have 17,304 miles, and with american airlines i have 7,944. this is important to know for purposes of getting more miles for free flights, or for upgrading my seat.

us airways has power ports for laptops in every seat on their airbus jets for cross-country flights, american airlines has the same in only some seats, and united airlines has no power outlets at all in coach. american airlines also has that “more room throughout coach” bit going for them, but i don’t really mind that much (especially since one of the jets i’d most likely be taking if i fly with them is having that special removed and more seats added in).

order of preference for airlines:

1. us airways (it will put me over the top for getting a free round-trip ticket with my miles, or i can upgrade my seat no problem if i get a Y – coach – class fare, and they have power jacks for my computer at all seats).

2. american airlines (i’ve got some miles with them currently so this will help increase those miles, but i don’t have enough to upgrade… at least not enough to upgrade round-trip, only one-way. they also have power jacks at most seats, but it’ll be a gamble if i can get one of those in the seat-picker after purchasing).

3. united (would help me get frequent flyer miles, but never flown on them before, and no power jacks at all… kind of a last resort unless they have a REALLY good price).

i can leave on either the 21st (preview night) or the 22nd (first day of the convention)…

if i leave on the 21st it has to be as late a flight as possible as i’m scheduled to work that day, and the earliest i’d be able to leave would be around 4. latest flight on us airways is at 6:34 pm. latest flight on american airlines is at 6:28 pm. not too bad, but a little more time would be better, but this is doable. i’d get to san diego at 10:19 pm on us airways, or 10:33 pm on american airlines.

if i leave on the 22nd i want to take as early a flight as possible. earliest on us airways is at 6:00 am, arriving in san diego at 11:20 am. earliest on american airlines is at 6:30 am, arriving in san diego at 11:08 am. the benefit of the us airways flight at 6 is that it’s on a dash-8, and that’s one of the most fun planes to ride in for me – it’s like the sports-car of airplanes, haha ^_^ fast takeoffs, extreme turns, real exciting. 😀

if i found a full-fare ticket i could upgrade to first (which would be nice, flying cross-country and all), but i haven’t found any yet, so i guess that’s a moot point. some coach tickets automatically upgrade you to first on some flights to some cities, but i haven’t found any of those yet either. i can’t upgrade my seats on united. if i want to fly on the flight with the dash-8 i’d have to pay a premium for that because the prices jump up by about $100. i wouldn’t mind taking an overnight flight to keep cost down if i was able to upgrade my seats.

so far i’ve found prices ranging from $289 round-trip including tax to $499+.

i’m just going to go to bed and look at it in the morning.

“first class ’77”, fantastic plastic machine (6.1 MB)