#2355 – new styles

john my coworker told me today that sometime in the next 3-4 months suzy (my hairstylist) is going to be moving to st thomas. i’ll have to find a new girl to cut my hair. ;_; and she always did such a good job too. not to mention the fact that she was a hawt chix. XD;

i want to do some pictionary online again with shoujonomori and whammywah and raptorhigh sometime… it’s been months and it’s pretty fun!

geminid and i will be going together to the concert tomorrow night – that’ll be fun, and i’ll have to keep an eye out for likeadream there too ^_^

dr who tonight is an episode i hadn’t seen before, but i might have to leave it early to go to sleep. nevermind, it just ended, haha.

“doctorin’ the tardis”, the timelords (the klf) (4.5 MB)