#2354 – good news / bad news

bad news: work for the last hour was really slow

good news: they let me go 15 minutes early so i could get my coworkers some smokes, haha

good news: i got a check from the state today for $1937.02 😀 😀

bad news: it still says online that my account was sent to collections, so who knows what this is for 😛 i’m not complaining though. 😀

good news: they should have ordered my mini cooper today 😀 😀

bad news: no tracking number yet, so i don’t know if it’s been ordered or what the status of it is ;-;

bad news: ticketmaster is being crappy and not letting me change the date for the tickets i bought for the recher theatre expecting to see andrew wk tomorrow. LAME.

good news: anybody want to buy two tickets for a concert tomorrow? ^_^;;

jibakushounen, geminid, and festive: your mix cds are done, will send out asap (joel, need your address; betsy, i guess it’s being sent to your house in millersville?)