#2350 – ordering

my mini’s going to be ordered from the factory tomorrow by 1 pm 😀 😀 i have until then to make any changes to it. not that i can think of anything else i need for it… hm…

then i just need to wait 10-12 weeks from then, and that puts it around mid june for arrival 😀

they asked me today at work if i wanted to close at another one of our stores that stays open until 9:30 (ours closes at 9, and i opened the store today so i was out by 5)… i said “no thanks, i already worked one open-to-close shift this week”… but if i worked it i’d be getting 49.5+ hours for the week. oh well.

anne’s doing a culture project for school with a friend on japan – i helped by printing out some of my pictures from japan and burned her a cd of japanese music, and she’s going to take one of the violinist of hameln mangas i bought from shoujonomori a few weeks ago X333

i really should clean up in here some, but i’m too bored and lazy to do so. blah.

“When the Sun Says Goodnight to the Mountain”, Tadaharu Nakano and the Nakano Rhythm Boys (4.8 MB)