#2346 – too much

i almost typed up a big post about a certain specific few of you, but it was going to sound too schmaltzy and i’d feel even more like a dork, so i erased my three sentences i had already typed and replaced them with this.

in any case, i’d sound like a huge dork if i said what i was going to say. but i could definitely imagine the ones i was going to talk about on here laughing at me and saying “you can’t be serious!”

i can’t tell if you’re doing what i think you’re doing or if i’m imagining things, putting words into your mouth. and yet i still wonder… but then i tell myself i’m reading too much into it. it’s really a question of who here really likes me and who just seems to tolerate me, and of the people who like me it again falls into who “likes” me and who really do LIKE me (did that make sense? boy, grammar is hard at 3:something am.). i can see numerous reasons for people falling into the former category, and almost no reasons at all for people to fall into the latter… this was where my original post was going to come in and see what people really did think of me.

still, i’ve probably said too much anyways… some things are better left unsaid between friends. ^_^;;