#2345 – craving

hooray! shoujonomori may be able to make it to otakon after all! 😀 😀 😀 and she might be cosplaying as one of my most favoritest characters too (rabi~en~rose / usada from digi charat) 😀 😀 now i can’t wait until july… mini cooper arrival, san diego comic-con, and otakon too!

i have a craving for pancakes right now. mmm… pancakes. but since it is 1:30 in the morning i won’t be making any.

today at work this lady was being such a bitch to our techs… apparently she bought a mobile office kit for her phone, and tech support thought that her cable was broken, so they sent her to our store to talk to our techs. our techs said that they couldn’t help her with her software (they’re not allowed to touch people’s computers), and the lady said that the people on the phone had called into our store and said that we had one mobile office kit in stock (which we did not – practically NOBODY has the cable in the entire area).

so she started being a bitch to me saying how she needed the cable to work on her masters degree online (*rolls eyes* probably a degree in being lame from “teh univarsitee of feenix – 4 adultz onlee!”). after she bitched at me i got her out of the store by ordering her a mobile office kit for her phone, had it shipped overnight, charged it to her account, remarking her account and telling her that once she gets the new one she can get it refunded by bringing back her current one. the techs and other customer service reps were proud of me the way i handled the whole situation since it was rather difficult and i almost lost my cool a few times, but things went well in the end. after all that one other guy in the store was talking with her and somehow they got it working -_-; oh well.

anyway, that was the big deal at work today, everything else was the same as it usually is.

i was scheduled off tomorrow as usual, but since it’s spring break i wanted a mini-vacation, so i switched days with one of my coworkers – now he gets a 3 day weekend, and i get 2 days off in a row finally 😀 😀

oh! and bruno_boy – find out about the concert date and let me know if you can make it asap… i’ll have to have them exchanged by this coming weekend.

“cocktails for two”, spike jones (2.7 mb)

update: “The Zionists didn’t carry out their operation without getting the consent of the terrorist American Administration, and it must take responsibility for this crime,” Hamas said in a statement faxed to The Associated Press. “All the Muslims of the world will be honored to join in on the retaliation for this crime,” the statement said.

The threat against the United States would represent a change of tactics for the militant group, which has always said its fight was with Israel and not with the United States.

great, just what i needed to read before going to bed. 😛