#2342 – how the phucket

just got back about half an hour ago from the david copperfield show, and all i’ve got to say is “HOW THE PHUKET DID HE DO ALL THAT??”

seriously! the show included:

– david copperfield appearing on a motorcycle in an empty box

– going through a 3-inch thick piece of steel

– a car appearing out of thin air with people standing behind, next to, in front of, UNDERNEATH, and a tarp covering over top of where it appeared

– predicting what numbers people would say, and those matching up with the ones david copperfield predicted on an audiotape before the show, and THOSE matching the numbers on his grandfather’s old license plates

TRANSPORTING HIMSELF AND A GUY FROM THE AUDIENCE TO THAILAND (phuket, thailand, get the title of the post now?). i’ve got no clue AT ALL how they did this one…

first they show their satellite feed with their crew from thailand, and he talks back and forth with the head of his crew over there. then later they had a girl draw on a big piece of paper a drawing of her playing her favorite sport (football). so she drew a stick figure and a football. they then got this kid from the audience to sit next to the piece of paper for the rest of the show to make sure nobody touched it. then later he got some more witnesses to come up, had the kid sign the paper, took a polaroid picture of the witnesses and the kid holding the paper, and then had one of the witnesses sign her name on the polaroid and write today’s date (3/19) on it. he then had another witness write two random letters on his right arm, and asked yet another witness to give a random number between 1 and 10, and she said 3, so he said to the guy on the satellite feed to hold up 3 fingers and he does. this was when he brought up the guy from the audience who was going with him (apparently they had asked some time previous for people to write in saying where their “happy place” was, and this guy’s dad wrote in saying that he hadn’t seen his son since his son ran away from home or something, and so it’s been several years since they’ve last seen each other). they had a metal crane sort of thing set up that david copperfield and the guy from the audience stood on, and that was set up so they were OVER the audience, so there were people all around on all directions and underneath even, and he pulled a tarp around himself and the guy and then the tarp fell away and NOBODY WAS THERE. they showed the satellite feed and the guy in charge over there has his helpers hold up a tarp, and then they pull that away and THERE’S DAVID COPPERFIELD AND THE GUY. AND THEY’VE GOT THE POLAROID THAT HAS THE PICTURES OF THE WITNESSES, WITH THE GIRL’S NAME SIGNED, AND TODAY’S DATE. AND THE PICTURE OF THE GIRL PLAYING FOOTBALL WAS IN THE POLAROID. IN THE SUN! AND IT’S DARK (LIKE 9:30 PM) HERE WHEN THEY LEFT. and then they show the guy from the audience run into the water, and they bring out the guy’s dad and they’re all so happy and go off together, so then david copperfield picks up a hand of sand, they cover him up with the tarp, and he REAPPEARS IN THE BACK OF THE ROOM AND POURS THE SAND ON THE STAGE. I MEAN… HOW??????????

when you see stuff like this on tv you think “oh ha ha they’ve got hidden mirrors or camera tricks”. but seeing it in real life… it’s just mindboggling! and with the trip to thailand they had only one continuous camera feed so they couldn’t be accused of pulling camera tricks.

it’s almost enough to make me want to get tickets for two shows next time he comes to town just to see if i can tell any differences or what.

anyway, after that they had these huge beach balls, and they had people toss them around the room until the music stopped, and once it stopped each person holding a ball came up on stage (13 in all), and then he made THEM disappear too!

it’s just… awe-inspiring! i’ve got no idea at all how that happened.