#2340 – wigga-wigga-wha at da tippy-tippy-type

so i just finished typing this long ‘ol email to the previously-mentioned suspected-hawt-chix, and then i checked lj and was like “why isn’t my post showing?”

then i remembered i was not typing up something in lj, that it was an email, and that for things like that i actually use Proper Capitalization and Grammar. Especially when I am talking to a hawt chix.

lj is more free-flowing and off-the-cuff – that is why it is in all lowercase, and not that my shift/caps-lock key is broken (they aren’t). if my lj were a tv show it’d be on late at night since nobody would know what i’d be saying next. i’m just that kray-zee! i’m all over crazyness like a fat kid on a smartie… like grease on a monkey… like deez nuts on an interface…!

oh, man, i’m starving. i should get myself something to eat, and then get to bed. tomorrow is work and then david copperfield (fo’ realz this time!).

my back is killing me too. owowowow…