#2339 – great

today was great:

– pulled shenanigans with bruno_boy and whammywah and raptorhigh at lunch today, part of which included cutting out eyeholes out of newspapers that i would hold up in front and so i could look at people and all it would do was appear as if i was reading. AS IF! muhaha. it was so cheezy – these two eyeholes were cut right in the middle of the paper and they were huge, hahaha

– think i did very well on my computer science exam today

– went to math class and as a st patrick’s day / spring break special he just gave us the quiz and we could leave as soon as we finished

– came home and i had recieved shoujonomori‘s package: HAMELN MANGA! X333

– had a green beer

– emailed a hawt chix (i’m assuming the hawt part since i haven’t seen her yet, but since most chix are hawt, and it’s more likely that this chix will be in the mostly hawt category than the seldom not category, i think it’s safe to predict that she’s a hawt chix)

– hung out with stueypark and played more halo and vroomed all over the place in the warthog – that game is fun! and addictive! XD

– spring break starts for me now since i only have classes on monday/wednesday

– i’m almost at my 2 days off in a row with nothing to do… i’m off next tuesday-wednesday 😀 😀 any suggestions for something to do?

– today’s been more fun than stephen hawking at a karaoke bar, and i feel great!