#2337 – 10-12 weeks

well, it’s ordered… 😀 😀

my mini:

$19,899.00 – 2004 mini cooper s, liquid yellow color

$   550.00 – delivery charge

$ 1,300.00 – premium package: automatic a/c

                              panorama sunroof

                              sport steeringwheel w/ cruise control

                              on-board computer

$   300.00 – cold weather package: heated seats

                                   heated side mirrors

                                   heated washer jets

$   150.00 – auto dim rear window & rain sensing wipers

$   100.00 – black stripes on the hood (to make it feel fast!)

$     0.00 – “anthracite” dash trim

$     0.00 – cd player / radio

$     0.00 – black roof / mirrors

$     0.00 – black leatherette seats & trim


$22,299.00 – total from factory

$    95.00 – floor mats

$    40.00 – aux input for radio (for my ipod)

$    95.00 – dealer processing charge


$22,529.00 – total from dealer

$ 1,126.45 – 5% sales tax

$   144.00 – registration & titling


$23,799.45 – total

they said that i’m #4 on the waiting list to have it ordered, and so it should most definitely be ordered on the next order cycle which would be early next month unless the factory screws them over or something (apparently for the past 6-8 months they’d get about 15 coopers / 15 cooper s’es in stock each month, but last month the factory sent them like 15 coopers and only 7 or 8 cooper s’es, but they don’t think they’ll have any problems placing my order. ^_^)

overall it took about an hour or so, no problems. it’ll look like this (but with a sunroof & a scoop on the hood. it was just barely over MSRP which was what i heard people say on about ordering from this dealer, so i was happy about that. the only extra fees on there are the $95 “dealer processing charge” and the $144 registration and titling charge, and i kind of asked for the registration and titling charge anyway, haha… scott, my “motoring advisor”, asked me if i wanted to have that done myself or if i wanted them to do it, and apparently it’s not much more to have them do it than myself (i looked online before leaving – registration by itself is like $80-something in maryland, and who knows how much for getting the title and plates and all…)… basically that charge lets them set it up with license plates and everything for me so i don’t have to go wait around at the dmv and it’ll be all set when i come to pick it up. if i really wanted to i might have been able to get them to take off the “dealer processing charge”, but i don’t really care. now if it were tons and tons of dollars over what i had priced then i’d be upset, but this is no biggie.

i had heard online of people (one or two who had gone to this dealership before) who had been told they’d have to pay $400 for the floor mats to avoid other charges, so i beat them to it and added them myself, bahaha.

anyway, so i paid my $1000 deposit to have them order it, and it should be ordered at early/mid april, and then it’ll take 10-12 weeks (as i expected :P) to recieve it, so it should be here around late june/earlyish july. ^_^ that’s when the rest of the down payment will be due.

but it’s mine, just the way i wanted it, for the price that i expected 😀 now i just need to play the waiting game. *pout*

anyway, in celebration:

quincy jones, “the self-preservation society ~ get a bloomin’ move on!” (from the original “the italian job”) (3.5 MB)