#2334 – tonight has been cut

tonight has been OFFICIALLY cut.

so we were supposed to go to the david copperfield show at the hippodrome, right? so i leave work, go home, and we all drive down to baltimore, park the car, walk to the hippodrome, get our tickets… and realize that the show is really NEXT friday, NOT TODAY. mom kept thinking that today was the 19th. i need to check with my managers to see if i can have my original schedule for next week back since they asked me if i could switch from 10:00 – 6:00 to 11:00 – 7:00, and if that stays that way i won’t be able to make it next week either. grr…

so we go back home. on the way home they say “let’s go see a movie!” fine. what movie? “let’s go see miracle!” okey-doke. i look up movie showtime info on my phone as we’re leaving baltimore… well, the last showing at muvico was at 7:10, but it’s showing at the annapolis mall at 10:10. i don’t want to go sit through a 2+ hour long movie that doesn’t even start until 10:20 (considering previews) when i need to be at work at 8:30 am tomorrow morning!

mom and anne think that a 10:10 showing is too late for them tonight too so they say “let’s go rent a movie!” ok. what movie? “let’s go rent ‘school of rock’!” fine. the blockbuster gift card we got at christmas is at home. so we go home to get it. i tell dad “when you go to blockbuster can you go rent ‘lost in translation’ for me?” and go change out of my work clothes into my lounge-around-the-house-in-pyjamas clothes. i come upstairs, and turns out NOBODY WANTS TO GO TO BLOCKBUSTER. i say “FINE. then i’ll go change back into some presentable clothes and go out to blockbuster by my own self.” but then i remember that davers (zenmetsu‘s brother) has a copy that i can borrow so i change my mind.

now it turns out that mom and anne are going to go see the movie tonight at 10:10 after all, leaving me here at home.

and to think that i turned down a party with my lambda chi brothers and the phi sig sisters for what i thought was going to be a nice night out with the family? i turned down a party for THIS??? i could still go out to the party, but i wouldn’t get there until almost 10, and i’d be there only an hour or so.


tonight OFFICIALLY sucks.

feisty_fitz says i should still try to make it there though. hmph… i’ll think about it over the next few minutes… hm…