#2326 – credit report

i just ordered my credit report online (yes, i know that maryland citizens can get theirs free of charge, but i wanted it now 😛 i didn’t think that the free one includes your credit score as well though), so i ordered this 3-in-1 credit report with my credit info from equifax, experian, and transunion, and that had my credit score too and i reviewed it:

everything was in order XD this made me really happy though:

“no collections on file”

“your FICO score is 680″ (which equals as “acceptable” or “lower risk”)



it said that the fico score could have been higher if not for two things: 1) my balance to credit limit was at 79% (i had forgotten about this line of credit thing through my bank, so i paid that off immediately), and that 2) the longest account i had open was only open for 42 months (while “most people have theirs for an average of 15-16 years” :P). like i can really do anything about that. so now my fico score can be somewheres around 750 – 790!

i think when i get my next paycheck i’ll order my mini ^___________________^ if only i can figure out what color to get (yellow? or green?? @_@)