#2325 – hee-haw! c'mon y'all!

so i had work today (i opened the store and since i had spent lots of last night rocking out i was too tired this morning), and afterwards i went with mom and anne and a mystery person (who swore me to secrecy not to reveal his name) to the clay aiken show.

let me put it this way – it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything i would have gone to if i didn’t have to. i think that my assessment of age groups attending the concert (a bunch of 7-year-olds and grandmas) was correct, and that dad’s statement that there were “lots” of girls in their late-teens and early 20s was a bit of an overstatement. i saw probably only a handful of girls my age there, and it’s not like people would want to chat when they could be watching clay aiken when that’s what they went there to do.

anyway, whammywah didn’t go since he didn’t feel like going and was kinda broke so mom charged mr mystery and myself with the task of trying to sell the two extra tickets we had up in the nosebleed section. we stood outside the mci center and since you couldn’t say “i’ve got tickets for sale” without having the police write you a ticket if they heard you, i just stood there holding the tickets and making it obvious that i had two tickets available and people knew what i was doing, but since i wasn’t saying anything or asking people if they wanted to buy tickets they didn’t bother me. even if they did we were just going to say that they were ours (2 people = 2 tickets) and we were standing there waiting for a friend or something, bahahaha. some people came and took a look – one lady said she’d be back if she couldn’t find anything better, another guy looked at what section they were in and took off running when he saw they were the nosebleed section. (the view wasn’t that bad for a couple of not-fans though).

anyway, we hung outside with this guy who was really working hard at trying to get money for booze – he stood on a milk crate, and he had a bucket that was tied by a string to the end of a stick, and he would dangle the bucket out at people. he also had a little cardboard arrow he would use to point in the bucket too, and while he waved the bucket and pointed at it with his arrow he would chant “hee-haw! c’mon y’all! help me buy some al-kee-hol!” he’s a little hard to see in this picture, but that’s him. mr mystery and i left to find a mcdonald’s or something as things slowed down and nobody more was coming by, and just as we were leaving we saw a dc cop write a guy up for trying to hawk tickets outside the metro station.

after eats we headed in and up to our seats and watched about half of clay aiken’s performance before heading back out. the performance wasn’t that bad, but me not really being a fan i didn’t really care. it was funny to see him take a cellphone from a fan and try to talk to their friend on the other end while giving a play-by-play of what the other person was doing to the entire audience in the arena… this play-by-play consisted of saying “hello?” a lot and eventually quoting niki (the girl on the other end) as saying “OHMYGAWDDD!!!”

mr mystery and i wandered around the block twice and through all two blocks of chinatown before coming back in. i found a potbelly and was surprised to see it there… if i had known i might have gotten eats there earlier since they’ve got good eats. the other things we saw on our little adventure around the block were a kung fu giftshop and a police car that had only been partly painted so it was only a “po”-car.

after that we headed back in, and it was in-between clay’s and kelly clarkson’s performance so we went back up to our seats. mom called us shortly after kelly went back on and said that she and anne were ready to go so we met up with them and came back home.

i like taking the metro places… there’s nothing that makes me feel more urban and hip and with it than taking the metro places. after wandering around downtown dc at night i’m starting to discover how many neat nightlife things there are to do down there – i want to go down there more often and hang out with some friends, but first i’ll have to find some friends that would want to do things like head to downtown dc to bars or whatnot. 😛 i think i’d like to live in dc if it were a decent part of town.

speaking of metros, while i like the metro i dislike the term “metrosexual” – it sounds like people who like to have sex in subways. “fop” is much better.

and i just ordered tickets for myself and bruno_boy to see andrew wk. XD XD XD we’re going to party hard!

that’s about it – i’ve got to be at work at 8:30 am so i’m going to head to bed soon. i really want to get more sleep tonight.