#2324 – now presenting

whammywah and raptorhigh and i did some rocking out tonight… we’ve created the first track of our album so far, hehe.

tomorrow dave doesn’t think he might go with me to the clay aiken concert, which will suck for me… i’ll end up sitting around by myself with 3 empty seats around me up in the nosebleed section for 2 hours or so 😛 any cute girls want to go see a clay aiken concert? 😀 😀 😀 i’ve got space for 3 people – 1 definite and 2 maybes depending if dave and feisty_fitz manage to make it to the concert 😛 we’re leaving my house around 4:30-5:00 tomorrow.

if anybody plans on coming or knows someone who will come, first 1-3 people (like i said, 1 definite seat and 2 maybes… i’ll know the maybes by 4:30 tomorrow) who call/text me at 443-223-0249 get ’em. i think the seats were something like $48 or so if i remember right… mom’s the one who purchased them…