#2323 – mirror mirror on my desk, whose computer arrangement is the best?

tonight i fiddled some with my computer setup and was able to get my old tower running now as a server with a software raid (something that people said either wouldn’t work or couldn’t work… in any case, it’s definitely unsupported), so now that’s running as a little webserver out of my room since it’s on the network now. i took my monitor and hooked that up as an external display – i’ve got it working right now as a seperate screen just for my itunes for easy song-changing.

back to the old computer – i set that up with a VNC server too so since it doesn’t have a monitor i can connect in from anywhere over the internet and remote control it! so amazing!

sometimes i can’t even believe my geekyness myself, hehe. XD;

oh! today i got back one of my japanese homeworks and lo and behold i got an A-/A (A- for quality, A for turning it in on time). A- handwriting quality?? me???? i couldn’t believe it… usually i ended up getting a C or something like that for handwriting!

anyway, i think i’ll go get some food then go to bed… i’m starving and need to work at 10 am.