#2321 – poor gizmo :(

mom and dad just got back…. but no cat. they had to have him put him to sleep. 🙁 he had a blood clot that formed in his heart and travelled down to his artery in the leg and ….


basically they said that his leg was cold and that they could cut the leg off but it could happen anytime again and he’d be in pain and that it was hereditary.

it was just so sudden…


i was worried something like this would happen. ;_; i do have to say this about him – he was one smart cat.

i don’t remember the last time i cried… i know it’s been several years…. who knows if i’ll cry tonight. 🙁

feisty_fitz doesn’t know yet, and since gizmo was one of her cats i made this and the previous post so she can’t see… let her talk to mom and dad first before anybody here brings it up to her