#2319 – stalling

well, we managed (by “we” i mean “the rest of the class” since i actually kind of was hoping to get it over with) to stall enough in japanese class today to delay the exam until next class. sensei did a little sort of test on our speaking in class where she asked each of us to read something out of the book… i got confused when it was my turn (apparently) because she called me “fitzgerald-san” and i wasn’t sure if there was anybody in the class actually named fitzgerald, so i didn’t answer and then she ended up calling on someone else. boo. that doesn’t really count though, so, zenmetsu and bruno_boy, no kicking today!

anyway, that’s about it. i might take my morning nap, might not. i’m feeling kind of hungry for an egg mcmuffin (it seems that all we end up doing in class is talking about how to order things off mcdonald’s menus), but i don’t want to leave campus to go get one. 😛 oh well.

oh, and guess where whammywah and i will be on friday? AT A CLAY AIKEN CONCERT. i can’t believe it (more in the “what in the world will i be doing at a clay aiken concert” sense than a “omgomg i get to see clay aiken how kewel1!!1!!11111” sense). mom and anne wanted to go to the concert but didn’t want to go there by themselves since they would get lost, so mom asked me if i could go with them if they paid my ticket there and paid me to go, haha…

mom: “anne and i want to go to the clay aiken concert but we’d get lost trying to get there… will you take us there if i paid for your ticket and compensated you?”

me: “i dunno…”

mom: “there’s lots of girls there!”

me: “yeah. and they’ll all be 12 years old.”

mom: “no, there’s grandmothers too!”

me: “GREAT.”

dad (who had actually taken them to a concert there before): “actually, lots of girls in their teens and early 20s were there”


i told cc-dave (the “cc” stands for “constantly cut”) about it and he said that it would be fun to go just for chuckles, so mom got him a ticket too, hahahaha. looks like we’re going to be roffling it up at the clay aiken concert. i don’t know how we’ll be able to contain our excitement. (note the sarcasm). raptorhigh says he can’t believe us at all, haha. mom does say that kelly clarkson will be there too, so at least we’ll have an excuse to be there i guess, hahaha.