#2317 – bean bandit

i was stealing some of my coworkers jelly beans today at work – yesterday our district manager dropped off these little glass jars of jellybeans for us and said not to say we need to go home early since we ate too many jellybeans. i told stueypark i felt like bean bandit today though since i kept sneaking others’ jellybeans… they’re giving me their black licorice jellybeans but i want some of their other ones too!

tonight i got the airport all mounted in the house and so now we’ve got a decent signal throughout the house. i’m typing this up from the comfort of my free ikea chair in the living room and got to talk to festive about finding a study abroad program while i watched dr who on the tv. life is good!

speaking of studying abroad, i’m excited about my japanese class – i’m finally getting the hang of things and i’m just this close to having it fully understood about particles and nominals and pre-nominals et cetera et cetera et cetera. it’s like i’m on the brink of language nirvana. i just hope i can get them mostly all figured out by monday since that’s going to be our first exam in the class! o_o;;

i think i’m going to name my powerbook “bullitt” as in the steve mcqueen movie and as the thing that comes out of a gun:

– it’s silver (in color at least)

– it’s fast (like bullets & steve mcqueen’s car chases… or would that be “chasii”? haha)

– it’s small (like bullets)

so while in the sharing menu it’s going to stay named “glenn fitzpatrick’s powerbook” the hard drive on the desktop will be named “bullitt”.

“the lemon” suited my old computer. i think “bullitt” suits this one well. ^_^