#2316 – the sars

last night i had a dream that umbc did a test on me and said “well, guess what? you’ve got aids!”

and then later an atom bomb went off and i was caught in the explosion. but i didn’t get radiation poisoning or die. nope, somehow from an atomic bomb i caught SARS. i ended up getting really sick, but i didn’t die. nope, i somehow managed to pull through AIDS, radiation sickness, AND SARS.

i must be some kind of superhuman!

i’ve been fiddling with the home network… i’m trying to get it so most of the house gets some sort of decent internet connection, but that’s shaping up to be harder than i thought. dad and i think we’ve found a good place to mount the wireless hardware though. other than that i didn’t really do much today… went to work and that was slow from about 7:00 onwards. i probably should get to bed since i’ll have to be at work from 8:00 – 4:30 or so tomorrow, and i’m supposed to be going to the lambda chi am ceremony tomorrow but i don’t wanna (one of the rare times i get out of work early in the day and i want to get stuff done around the house). i’ll end up going though ‘cos they’ll get mad if i’m not there. 😛 boo.