#2309 – turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes

i had this little mini-trashcan sort of thing sitting on my desk and would toss all my change in there (except pennies)…

(i made a desktop of this last one. 1600×1200)

guess how much was in there… NO you don’t win it if you guess correctly! $30.20 i was surprised at how much was actually in there! i think when i go on my solo rap career i’ll be “mc cash money”, just because i like to refer to stuff like this as cash money.

last night at the party i was wondering why girls just had to be so beautiful. T_T i mean, to me, their figure and style, pretty much everything about 99% of them was attractive. so i got to thinking “you know, there’s nudist clubs out there…” just to join to look at the ladies’ figures. i mean, they’re so nice to look at! but then i remembered “OMGWTF NAKED MEN.” and so that idea went out the window. i’m such a ladies’ man, but i’ve got my boundaries you know!

just for the record, that idea was considered more for this joke than for the actual signing up with a nudist camp. 😛 now all of 0 ladies that wanted to see me in the nude will be disappointed that i won’t be joining.