#2307 – "…or maybe that's just the booze talking."

so i’m at this party, and things felt pretty awkward right from the get-go. see, you were supposed to pay $5 cover and that covered all the eats and all the drinks, and since dad paid me $15 in cash for getting him a new mouse for the computer i thought i was all set. but i happened to change into different clothes before leaving, and so when i went to give nick’s friend annie my $5 i realized that i didn’t have it with me. ^^;; i found nick and he said it was ok, but still, i felt kinda bad.

so i’m at the party and the only one i know there was nick. i messaged whammywah and said for him to come with raptorhigh or something and hang out, and i messaged zenmetsu to see if he was going, but the only one i heard back from was dan and he wasn’t going to make it. so i got my drinks while i hung out (at least they had yuengling!) and talked with nick for a few minutes but since he along with 2 or 3 of his friends were bartending (they had built a mini-bar in the middle of the kitchen. i mean they BUILT one) i didn’t get much of a chance to talk. they had also put a tarp down in the kitchen and had covered it with a half-ton of sand which was really cool.

i saw this one guy come in with a cute girl and he seemed a little familiar but i couldn’t place him. he recognized me first, though, and then i realized it was luke durney, who i had not seen since high school graduation! later our other friends john shryock and chris parent showed up too, but aside from them, nick, and myself, that was all i knew. (i had seen pics of a few of nick’s friends but that was it).

so i finish my yuengling and find myself an electric lemonade (i still felt bad about not paying cover so i rooted in my wallet and put in the bartender tip jar 3 sub-club stamps for subway XD;) and wander around sipping that when these three girls arrive – one was DEAD SEXY… man was she hawt – and nick takes me and introduces me to them. i didn’t quite catch their names though when he introduced me, but i ended up replying something like “hello ladies, i’m glenn. i’m single and sexy… or maybe that’s just the booze talking.”

you ever get that feeling of just turning into one giant pool of embaressment and think “oh my god, i did NOT just say THAT.” well, that’s what i was like right after that. smooth, glenn, real smooth.

so later i’m hanging out by my bad self and nick goes by and i find out from him the scoop on the sexy girl i embaressed myself with earlier – her name was michelle and he used to date her but only for a week or three, so i told him to put in a good word for me. later i’m hanging out with john and chris and john was telling chris how he had the hots for her but i told him i already told nick to put in a good word for me, but of course i was such a pathetic dork that was all i ended up doing other than propping up the wall nearby her and her two friends as they stood off to the side and chit-chatted as i semi-eavesdropped and tried to make an entrance while sipping a sex on the beach.

anyway, i meet this other girl there named liz and we hit it off pretty well and seemed to have all sorts of stuff in common and ended up talking for about 2 hours, but turns out in our conversations i discovered she already had a boyfriend. ;_; at least that eased some of the pressure, but it was disappointing nonetheless. sigh.

john comes back in and he and i talk with her about how we both liked that michelle, but when john heard she was leaving he went over and said “i know we didn’t get much of a chance to talk tonight, but i was wondering if i could get your phone number…?” she replied “i’m flattered, BUT…” and trailed off from there. he said “i gotcha, it’s cool” and walked away. that made me feel not quite so bad about not trying, but still. pretty lame. i really should work on that.

i cheered him up with this joke that i told raptorhigh in our computer programming class the other day, and nick got a kick out of it too:

the professor (a hawt chix) is asking the class “what’s an interface?”. this went on for a few minutes with no reply. she kept pronouncing it “innerface”, and eventually after she said “c’mon, someone knows and just isn’t telling me… what’s an interface???” i whispered to john “it’s where i put DEEZ NUTS!” – he almost lost it laughing in the lecture hall as everyone else was silent. he says that deserves to be zing of the year.

and now i’m back home, hours later after hanging around nick’s place for the alkeholl to wear off. his uncle pete stopped by at 3 am to see how the place looked. o_o; haha. in any case, i’ve got to get to bed… need to be at work in 6 hours.