#2302 – wheel of fortune

so i’m at work. we’ve got these account review forms we’re supposed to fill out with each customer if we look at their account or do anything to it like changing plans or renewing contracts, stuff like that.

so i help this girl out but i forgot to write down her number… it’s funny, i’ve never asked a girl for her phone number outside of my job, haha 😛 anyway, i forgot to write down her number, but i thought i remembered what it was.

so i typed in 410-xxx-xxxx…

and guess who it belonged to? “PATRICK SAJAK”.


coworkers: “wtf?”

me: “look! i typed in 410-xxx-xxxx and it says patrick sajack and the account is out of pasadena, ca… it’s pat sajak!”

coworkers: “OH SNAP!”

(if you’re wondering why pat sajak would have a phone number out of annapolis even though it’s all out of pasadena, california, it’s because he happens to own a house in severna park [just out of annapolis] and iirc he got married in my church. i still think it’s weird going to the pat sajak pavillion when i go to the anne arundel medical center to go to my doctor’s office, but i digress…)


(Okay, I hate cell phones, but that has to do more with the people who use them rudely rather than the phones themselves.)

me: “explains why he’s on a 100 minute plan from 1996 and used 20 minutes last month”

whammywah: “LOLOLOL”

so that’s my brush with celebrity today. now i know the cell phone numbers of paul reed smith and pat sajak. will wonders never cease!