#2298 – from the land of pleasant living

i’m tempted to buy myself a case each of “natty boh” and colt 45 sometime just to try them. i mean, i can’t really say i’m a marylander / baltimoron if i’ve never had national bohemian beer! and at only, what, around $8 a case? how can i go wrong!

i mean, really… living in the baltimore area and not having had natty boh is like living in jamaica and not having had red stripe! and that’s even “hooray beer!”

then again, there’s something to be said about $8-a-case beer, and that something is probably along the lines of “blech”.

also, speaking of everyone’s favorite alcoholic beverages, moments_of_zen has updated with an alcoholic post which also contains surprising info about billy dee williams, and no, it’s not that he needs to eat more salsa. also also, the family might go on a trip to wisconsin over the summer sometime. wisconsin = milwaukee = miller time! hahaha.

so while there may be cans of natty boh for you and i, i’m also giving you a song too… aren’t i nice?

“blue skies over dundalk”, mary prankster (1.6 mb)