#2295 – stupid

stupid v-day.

stupid hawt chix.

stupid having to work instead of katsucon. even dad knew there was something going on around crystal city, but that’s not that surprising since he works across the street from the hyatt…

stupid not getting my check in the mail. i want my loan check dammit!

stupid having to work at 8 am tomorrow so i can’t go to this party tonight.

stupid having to work an hour extra tonight.

stupid for doing the responsible thing and working at expense of social experiences. i’m tired of not being able to hang out with my friends – they’re right, i work too damn much.

stupid school for taking up my free time out of work.

stupid almost everything for annoying me lately.

stupid me for getting like this. i feel great

(i’m really not as depressed as this post sounds… these things have just been nagging me for the past week+)