#2288 – good news / bad news

good news: i calculated that when i get all my checks and benefit pay etc and pay off tuition / collections i’ll actually come out several thousand dollars ahead. ^__^

bad news: no loan check today. i’ve been checking the mail like a madman recently XD;

good news: i was able to put in and have my vacation time approved today so i will be going to comic-con and otakon (i’ll be off july 22 – aug 3)… speaking of comic-con since i’m out of the loop about things like this, is anyone organizing anything for it?? like hotel rooms etc?

bad news: shoujonomori may not be able to make it to otakon like she thought she would ;____; *sob sob* no hanging out or getting to see her as yunatuna ;-;

good news: i’m going to get my haircut by suzy tomorrow in between classes… first off, 1) suzy is hawt, and 2) according to mom who saw her recently she’s got her hair dyed hot pink. to paraphrase bill cosby: “I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESIST!!!” >>XDDDD

bad news: two hawt chix that i had been communicating with online broke off communications with me. *sob sob*

me: at this rate i’ll die a lonely old man ;-;

shoujonomori: no you won’t! ;-;

me: ok, i won’t be lonely, i’ll have a pet cat

me: but other than that, no pussy for me

me: XDDD;;;;;;;

shoujonomori: XDDDDDD

some jokes just can’t be helped when you lead yourself right into them XD; at least i’m going to a party on friday night… you can’t cheat on a girlfriend when you don’t have one in the first place!

class tomorrow. my coworkers and i are going to try to convince management to let us get 3 days off each week and work 2 extra hours each day instead to make up for it… i hope they’ll let us since my two days off are spent at school, and i’ll need time off to do things like motor in my mini when i get it.

i hope those checks come tomorrow!