#2278 – mr popular

wow. suddenly i became mr popular all of a sudden. “teh laydeez” all just want to talk to me!

now, i blame internet dating services for this. it makes it so easy to meet people, and by “people” i mean “ladies”. it takes the hard work out of pestering friends to hook you up with their single friends. what’s more is that 4 out of the 5 ladies i’ve been communicating through this here service took it upon themselves to message me first. see what i mean? mr popular.

at first it was all chuckles… i sign up, hit the “match me” button”, and the magical matching mainframe thinks for a minute and then outputs “no matches at all in the country. sorry!” (i’m paraphrasing here, but it’s true, at first it said no matches at all in the country! i knew these dating sites said that i was pretty picky in what kind of woman attracted me, but man i had no idea i was THAT picky!).

a day or two later it says “hey! guess what! we found a highly compatible match for you, and she lives in massachusetts!” and i chuckle some. “hah. massachusetts! hahahaha!”

five minutes after that it says “hey! guess what! we found a highly compatible match for you, and she lives in columbia, md!” and i stop chuckling. “haha…… oh snap!”

pretty soon the whole thing snowballs and next thing i know i’m at various stages of communicating to 5 different ladies (columbia, md; baltimore, md; collegeville, pa; silver spring, md; parsons, ks). and then i remember “oh snap 5 ladies and me being me…?” and by the time i think of that my email program *pings* and my phone *vibrates* and next thing i know another lady has messaged me wondering “what would you do if you stayed home for the evening? how organized are you? how often do you find yourself laughing? how important is chemistry to you?” and i reply “oh snapsnap!”

and then i remember again that i’m me and say “oh snapsnapsnap!” and then things turn into instant panic, haha. @_@ as bruno_boy once characterized me: “you’re a connoisseur of women from a distance.”

haha. 😛

as i was saying: this is where i turn into what ought to be a tv show that would win Several Major Awards™:

“Ladies’ Eye for the Glenn Guy”

yep. feisty_fitz and joanna (who doesn’t have an lj, tsk tsk), and whammywah (who’s a guy, not a lady. HA HA! *points and laughs*) have taken it upon themselves (with a “YES PLEASE DO SOMETHING! FOR THE LUVVA PETE!” from zenmetsu) to give me a fashion makeover. hahaha. 😛

see, joanna works at fossil, and she doesn’t really use her discount at all, so she’s been urging people like whammywah and raptorhigh and myself to go to her store so she can give us a fashion makeover via her discount, and when kelly got wind of it she figured it was just what i needed. so tomorrow after work i’m meeting joanna and dave at her store and they’re going to be fixing me up (dave is givving “dood advice”) and kelly’s going to be giving advice from north carolina via the magic of her having an email address and me having a cameraphone with picture messaging.

so that’s what’s been going on. if i ever end up just replying “oh snap” or some variation thereof you can guess there’s been some sort of developments, haha. unfortunately no videopost tonight either, i’ve got to be at work in 8 hours. ^^;