#2277 – g5

so i see in my bank account that i got paid (always a good thing!), and i say to whammywah “hey, i could order a g5 right now if i wanted”. i have to do things like pay off the mob state collections, and then i want to order my car. but if i didn’t have to do those things i could order one.

so i go to the apple store online and configure one how i want it. the price comes to EXACTLY the amount i have in my bank account (not including tax, of course), and would leave me $0.44 left, hahaha.

i was cleaning up my room and didn’t really get much done. oh well. i did find the brochures i got for christmas as part of my AAA membership, so i was just poking around on the site and was reading a review of the 2003 mini, and it says this about the old-school minis: “The old Mini was as much fun as a carnival ride to drive, but much of the fun came from constant flirting with catastrophe (one wheel always lifted off the surface in hard turns).”

i should do more cleaning, but i don’t really feel like it.