#2274 – because i needed to clean it out anyway

i bought 4 of these “big ben bucks” lotto tickets (grand prize is a $20,000 trip to london for 2, round trip first class on british airways)… didn’t win the grand prize, but i won $10… and the tickets cost me $20, haha. oh well.

jibakushounen‘s meme:

5 $1 bills

2 pennies

driver’s license

coupon for potbelly – i get a free lunch when buying someone else lunch

4 subway sub-club stamps and 1 subway club card with 7/8 stamp spaces filled

coupon for 1 free pretzel at the auntie anne’s in arundel mills

a card in a small envelope that says “YOU da lemonhead… :P” when opened

frequent flyer cards for:


american airlines

us airways

boarding pass stubs for flights:

LAX -> KIX on JL, jan 13, boarding time 11:50, seat 38K

BWI -> PIT on US, jun 20, boarding time 11:40 a, departure 12:10 p, seat 21F

PIT -> LGW on US, jun 20, boarding time 4:50 p, departure 5:35 p, seat 15 H

hostelling international card (expires in 2 days)

guest ovations card for baymont inns

library card

chevy chase check card

umbc student id

coupon for a free blockbuster favorites movie rental

game card for jillian’s

anne arundel county voter registration card, libertarian

ntt japanese phone card

mall employee vip card for orange julius

business card for my doctor’s office

card with fraternity brothers contact info

2 steak escape frequency cards (one with one stamp, non-mall-employee discount / one with 4 stamps, 15% mall employee discount)

laminated pocket diploma for dematha catholic high school

AAA member card

charm meant to bring good luck on travels, bought when visiting daibatsu in nara, japan

fortune cookie fortunes:

– “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”

– “it is during difficult times that true friends become apparent”

– “a modest man never talks of himself”

– “you will be awarded some great honor”

– “everyone has ambitions”

– “friends are more valuable than money”

– “share your abundant humor with others”

– “you are strong and sensitive”

– “in every enterprise, consider the outcome”

– “you deserve to have a good time after a hard day’s work” x2

– “the only rose without a thorn is friendship”

– “use your charm and personality to your advantage”

– “you have an active mind and a keen imagination”

– “good health is a man’s best wealth”

– “people are naturally attracted to you”

– “your air of confidence naturally draws others to you”

health insurance card for geha

navy federal credit union atm card

appointment card for a dentist appointment on april 13, 2004, 8:45 am; the back of the card has “shindig” written on it

and sponsoring this meme: my capital one platinum credit card

go on then, what’s in your wallet? XD