#2273 – spy stuff

just got finished watching the movie “johnny english”, it wasn’t bad… some parts were rather predictable, but i was cracking up.

and speaking of spy stuff, a conversation i had online with whammywah (we say things like “chucklelarious” and “laughz0r” and stuff like that, so it’s perfectly appropriate to say things like “LOLZ” before you get annoyed at the laughing style. besides, it’s actually easier when text messaging on a phone to say “lolz” instead of “lol” – trust me, i work at a cellphone company, so i test these sort of things):

me: wtf

dave: hm?

me: i’m getting accidental emails that are supposed to go to mary and jim smersh

me: hahahaha

me: because i have the email address

me: hahahahahahahhaha


Subject: RE: Auction Invitation stuffing & mailing – Tomorrow!!!

Date: January 29, 2004 12:17:20 AM EST



Hi Everyone!

I know it’s late on Wednesday night, but hoping you’re all able to get this

message in time for finishing up the Auction Invitation Mailing in the

library tomorrow morning. We’ll meet at 9:00, or whenever you’re able to

make it to help us! We can definitely use the help tomorrow to get the bulk

mailing ready to go and finish stuffing inserts for the Alumni envelopes and

then sealing all the invitations. Hope to see you there!!

Sherrie Corrington

(425)228-9677 home

(206)909-6762 cell

—–Original Message—–

From: Sherrie Corrington []

Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2004 2:28 PM

To: VolunteerDesk; Corrington Sherrie (E-mail)

Cc: Suzy Bruya (E-mail); Aimonetto Carol (E-mail); Mills Luanne (E-mail);

Adrianna LeCorgne (E-mail); Leslie Silver (E-mail); Smersh Mary & Jim

(E-mail); Christine Sundin (E-mail); Brenda White (E-mail);;;

Subject: RE: Auction Invitation stuffing & mailing

Hi Jennifer, Lynn and Gloria,

Yes, I’ll make the arrangements to meet in the library with the Invitations

Team. I will be contacting them asap.



—–Original Message—–

From: VolunteerDesk []

Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2004 1:46 PM

To: Corrington Sherrie (E-mail)

Cc: Suzy Bruya (E-mail); Aimonetto Carol (E-mail); Mills Luanne (E-mail);

Adrianna LeCorgne (E-mail); Leslie Silver (E-mail); Smersh Mary & Jim

(E-mail); Christine Sundin (E-mail); Brenda White (E-mail);;;

Subject: Auction Invitation stuffing & mailing

Hi Sherrie. This message is from Jennifer, Lynn and Gloria. We met with

the invitation printer company and the invitations will be delivered late

Monday, the 26th. We would like your team to plan on stuffing them

Wednesday and finish Thursday if necessary. Our goal is to have them in the

mail by Friday. Will you please contact the people listed as cc: on this

email to confirm if they able to help.

The labels are done. The library has been reserved for your team starting at

9:00 a.m. If you have any questions, you may call Jennifer at 425 432 2360,

Lynn at 425 957 7716 or Gloria at 425 283 1224.

Thank you Sherrie for organizing this.

P.S. We will update you about our procurement meeting today in another

email. Thanks Sherrie.

dave: lol

dave: email back like “I’LL BE THERE !!!!!111”

me: LOLZ

me: i named it that after something i learned in my spy class

dave: one of my friends instant message names is like 1 character off from some other guy

dave: so people message him thinking he’s someone else and he just plays along with it

me: it’s a combination of two russian words that mean “death to spies” (“smert shpionam”)

me: hahahaha

dave: and one time some girl was like “are you ready for the wedding”

dave: and my friend was like “i dunno, i’m having second thoughts, i think i have feelings………….for you”

me: lolz

dave: and she was like “OMG, you’re marrying my sister in a week, and i’m only 14”

me: LOLZ

dave: he saved the convo

dave: and it’s genius


dave: ohh top secret kgb shizzy

dave: that means whoever those 2 people are head of the terror commission

dave: they will spread terror with their invitations to the auction

dave: or maybe that’s code

dave: for “hey we’re gonna bust some caps tommorow”

me: hahahahahahahhaha