#2271 – gizmo-snax

so earlier tonight i was looking for cookies, but could not find any upstairs, so i went hunting around in the pantry in the basement. i found some ginger snaps and some sandwich-cookies, so i took the ginger snaps upstairs. gizmo the cat saw me carrying this box of ginger snaps, so i jokingly shook the box and asked him if he wanted any “gizmo-snax”. he just looked at me.

so i get my cookies and sit next to him on the couch and eat a few, and while i’m eating i hold one out at him to see what he’d do. he sits there and looks at it…

leans forward… sniffs a bit… sniffs more… sniffs a lot more…

and starts licking the ginger snap.

i started cracking up as he started licking the ginger snap, and then he really surprised me.

he BIT one.

not a big bite, mind you – it’s not like he was munching away at the thing… no… he kinda tried to just gnaw on it with his pointy little teeth, as a glenn might try to gnaw at at frozen french fry. (zenmetsu will get the joke).

so then i watch him alternately try licking and gnawing at this thing as i continue to crack up, but then i remember:

this is a cat who likes to lick photographs and plastic bags for kicks, so maybe i shouldn’t be too surprised.