#2270 – vacation

i get one vacation day each month i work from january through october (10 days / year). by july that’s 8 days of vacation time.

from january through september i also get 7 days of personal time (vacation time that does not roll over each year)… 3 days from january-march, 2 days from april-june, and 2 days from july-september. by july that’ll be 5 definite days.

i also get off 2 days each week.

not even counting vacation days i’ll have 11 days i could theoretically take off in a row.

comic-con is july 22-25, and otakon is july 30 – august 1… i think i’ll see about taking off july 23 through august 2 to go to both cons and have some rest-time in between. maybe i’ll even use a day or two of vacation time in there too. XD!