#2268 – irritated

so i get off of work after working 10 am – 6:45 pm and feeling tired and sick for the entire day, get gas in the car, and go home. it’s just after 7. i’m ready to fall asleep. have dinner with the family and go back down to my room where i see i have a voicemail and a text message from 7:30 from two of the brothers telling me that tonight was initiation practice and that i should be up at umbc right then. i found these messages after 8.

i send them messages saying that i would have been there if i had remembered and wasn’t sick. go back upstairs, take some medicine, and lie down.

later i come back down and see a message from our phi basically saying he was pissed at me for not showing up to initiation practice and that this was serious business and that he had sent out 3 emails and that i didn’t respond to any of them.

HELLO? if i had a) remembered and b) wasn’t feeling sick i would have been there. i would have been there even though i’m sick, but i might have left right after my part. 😛 i know my lines and motions in any case and in all the other practices i have had to attend i have always made it there, even occasionally being the ONLY person there to show up AT ALL, so it is not like i don’t recognize the importance of the ritual. FURTHERMORE, i had recieved only ONE email from him about it (i had recieved it twice, but it was an exact duplicate of the message that had been sent immediately previous and i would count that more as a network glitch than a seperate email) – that was almost a month ago and said to reply if you knew you would not be able to make it. I DIDN’T KNOW I WASN’T GOING TO MAKE IT UNTIL THEY CALLED ME TO TELL ME THAT IT WAS TONIGHT. what a bunch of b.s. i’m surprised that anyone even showed up at all what with the weather.

goddamn. this medicine cause mood swings or what?

this is just compounded by my headache and sinuses. that and the fact that at work i handled a discount while processing a return and i’m worried that they’ll get pissed at me about the way i processed it… our audit can happen any day now and they are already a little upset with me using the wrong discount code on two previous exchanges i did, so i’ve been given a written and a verbal warning about it. i told my manager today about it before we left (said that i’m trying to be more aware of the discounts when processing) and he seemed to think it wasn’t that bad, but i don’t want the other managers getting upset with me. ^^;;;

i’m just so glad i’ve got the day off tomorrow. tonight’s just not my night, and the sooner this medicine makes me drowsy and fall asleep the better.