#2264 – sinuses

man, i’m feeling sick… since i went to bed two nights ago my sinuses have been really hurting me, and at work all day yesterday i kept sneezing. last night i slept on the couch upstairs since it’s so cold down here, and i kept waking up because it was hurting me or i had to sneeze. early this morning i took some medicine and just took another dose just now, and while it’s not really bad it sucks because at least with a headache you can hold the part of your head that hurts, while with my sinuses they’re hurting deep inside. ;_;

i don’t want to have to go to work, but i’m not sick enough to call out, and at bowie they don’t have anyone to work customer service except for me there today. ugh.

hopefully nobody will come in at all for a few hours like last time. it’s supposed to start snowing around 6 or so tonight and the store is open until 9:30 so hopefully that’ll help keep people away, and i got a bowling game on my phone to keep me entertained now in case that does happen. i just want to go to sleep though… ;_;