#2261 – inspiration

went to umbc today and watched “speedy” with bruno_boy, and then later went to hang out with raptorhigh and whammywah where we rocked out. or at least we tried to… most of our “rocking out” could better be termed “farting around with garageband and bass / guitars”.

it wasn’t too bad, though… i think i’m better suited to bass than to guitars (less strings for me to butcher – me on guitar reminded me of stretching a monkey across a tennis court… or a certain dave lister’s guitar playing). in any case, we poked around at that and then when we got bored we sat around and watched tv and talked computers and how to be nerdz0rs (we’re each getting a powerbook – except for john since he already has one – and going to spend our free time in between classes in the commons chatting with each other on aim! chuckle chuckle!).

i stole ilife from john so i can fart around with garageband on my computer now… my comptuer didn’t want to read the dvd, so i had to copy it onto the imac and transfer it over the network, and man does it take forever to do anything. stupid computer.

while we were talking about computers someone mentioned the comodore 64, and i mentioned how my uncle once wrote “motormania” (aeire‘s favorite game ~_^… download here) and “alice in videoland“. i did a quick search on alice in videoland and apparently it’s now also the name of a band from sweden who named themselves after the game, haha…

and now shoujonomori is talking about alice in wonderland…

man, there were a lot of posts while i was out… i thought i read them all but apparently there were about 20 more than i expected… and when stueypark posts, that’s a rare occasion indeed!

oh, and i won’t be able to make it to katsucon. *sob sob sob* 🙁 🙁 🙁 i’ve got to work all three days of the con. LAME! no visiting with paigeyiscrazey or bey0ndther4py or anaidiana or xyloart or even stueypark (but it’s not like i never get to see him XD;)

now gizmo the cat wants me to go to bed so he can breath cat-breath on me. blech… his breath smells like cat food 😛