#2258 – mr wizard, secret spy

want to know a neat trick? 😀 😀 i learned it from the book bruno_boy gave to me the other day X3

got a can of compressed air around the house? good. i’ll wait for you to get it.

got it? ok… now get a letter that you (or someone else… hee hee!) got in the mail, preferably one that hasn’t been opened yet, or that you don’t know what it says on the inside. you’ll see why in a second.

hold the can of compressed air upside down and from about 6-8 inches away spray the letter with the compressed air (which now comes out as a frozen stream of cold stuff) – be very careful to not spray your fingers or you’ll get frostbite! now watch in amazement as you can see the contents of the letter appear in front of your VERY EYES!!!

now wait 15-20 seconds or so… the frozen stream of cold stuff disappears, and it leaves no trace behind on the letter! apparently this works with all sorts of envelopes, even the ones made of slightly heavy brown paper!


reply back if you try it XD