#2256 – eight percent

hung out with zenmetsu and bruno_boy and _dream_believer and william today after the fraternity meeting and even got a surprise side-trip into baltimore too. we mostly hung out at rounding 3rd though and played ddr and i hit balls around in the batting cages. dave got me this really cool book about office espionage and how to do sneaky stuff. XD

hm… my keyboard squeaks when i press certain keys, such as the space bar. when plastic squeaks you know it’s time to upgrade. once i get my collections thing taken care of then i can look into upgrading… ^^;

tomorrow the family and i and tom are going to the baltimore auto show… i just hope we get back by 5 – 6 pm because i need to 1) submit my timesheet for work tomorrow so’s i can get paid, and 2) ask a question about a namechange that one of the salespeople kind of did and left for me to actually perform the switch… i’m thinking that the salesperson really did not get it done properly at all, and it wouldn’t worry me so if it wasn’t supposed to have been done yesterday (i was going to ask the other reps for confirmation about a few things before i did it) but as long as it gets done by their bill cycle date it should be fine and their bill cycle date isn’t for another few days yet, and i wouldn’t be so nitpicky about it if we didn’t get an (from what i was told) 8% on our self-audit.

8%. eight percent. one of the head operations people for our region came in and did our self-audit (we’re usually supposed to do them but because we’ve been short-staffed and it was given to us on short notice i guess they decided to do it themselves), and the operations manager i had when i worked at lanham was in our store the other day to help fix things up right.

it doesn’t take someone with my math skills to know that 8% is a bad thing to get.

i’m not especially nervous, but i’ll be relieved after this is taken care of asap. i had also told my manager that if i had a chance this morning (which i didn’t since i woke up later than expected) i’d stop in to help work on some paperwork that needs to get done before the audit, and since it’s past the 10th of the month the audit can happen any day now (they need 10 days worth of certain files to perform the audit for the quarter, but other files in the audit only require one or two days’ worth). and once they do the audit they can always come back in at any time to make sure things are ok. yeah, they take the audits real seriously. it was my first 2-days-in-a-row off so i didn’t guarantee that i was going to come into the store.

so, tomorrow: car show from 11 – 5 (should be plenty of time) and then to the store from 5 – 6.